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Training Assessments

Training Assessments focus on gathering data that is useful to participants in improving behaviors and skills directly linked to the Dale Carnegie training program in which they are participating. These tools provide each participant with an opportunity to receive feedback from those who see their performance regularly so that they can create an action plan to apply Dale Carnegie training most effectively. 


PDF_IconDale Carnegie Course - 360 Insights 

The Dale Carnegie Course – 360 Insights focuses on measuring Self-Confidence, People Skills, Leadership Skills and Controlling Stress.  

PDF_IconHigh Impact Presentations - 360 Insights

The High Impact Presentations – 360 Insights focuses on measuring ones skill to Organize Professional Presentations, Make a Positive Impression, Be Relaxed When Making Presentations, Communicate with Impact, and Sell Ideas.

PDF_IconLeadership Training For Managers - 360 Insights

The Leadership Training for Managers – 360 Insights focuses on measuring Self Direction, People Skills, Process Skills, Communication Skills, and Accountability. 


Sales Advantage - 360 Insights

The Sales Advantage –360 Insights focuses on measuring Attitude Control, Selling Skills, Communication Skills, Organizational Skills, and People Skills. 

PDF_IconWorld Class Customer Service - 360 Insights

The World Class Customer Service –360 Insights focuses on measuring People Skills, Customer Service Skills, Customer Satisfaction Skills, Communication Skills, and Controlling Stress. 

PDF_IconPeople Side of Process Improvement - 360 Insights

The People Side of Process Improvement – 360 Insights focuses on measuring Vision, Teamwork, Interpersonal Skills, Coaching Skills, and Communication Skills.


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