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Top 7 Employee Engagement Best Practices

Dollarphotoclub_98265019 Campbell Soup CEO, Doug Conant, once said, ““To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” A major part of being successful in the workplace is helping your employees feel more engaged. Engaged employees are more productive, more invested in the company's success, and just happier and more motivated. They're also frequently some of a company's most vocal cheerleaders, sharing their ideas as well as promoting the company's interests to others. Making an effort to create an atmosphere of engagement can yield big dividends. Here are seven employee engagement best practices you should adopt:

1.Help employees understand their roles and make them their own. Every employee wants to feel like their role is valuable. By helping each employee understand their function and how it relates to the business as a whole, they can begin to take greater pride in their role.

2.Understand the “back story” for each of your employees. Taking time to know a little about your employees' personal lives – their interests and family members – avoids feelings of “dehumanization.” Knowing a little bit about employees' interests can also help you identify strengths that could influence their performance or the tasks they're assigned. Just don't be too intrusive or overstep personal boundaries.

3.Emphasize accomplishments, personal or task strengths, and other positives whenever possible. Focusing on the “good” as often as correcting the “bad” can provide a significant boost in morale. Providing rewards – even small ones – for a job well done can yield major rewards in terms of employee loyalty and increased performance.

4.Provide constructive criticism in a non-demeaning way that clearly defines issues and presents potential solutions. Employees understand no one is perfect; but when making corrections, be sure to provide information in a way that helps employees improve and avoid being harsh or overly critical.

5.Give employees some autonomy in handling their own projects. Let them know you're available to help, but build their confidence by letting them manage their part of a project on their own.

6.Meet regularly to elicit feedback and provide guidance. Routine one-on-one meetings helps employees feel their voice is being heard and also helps develop feelings of being valued. Plus, routine meetings ensure small problems are addressed before they become major issues.

7.Ask for employees' suggestions for improvement of processes as well as how to provide better engagement and motivation. When employees are solicited for feedback, it shows you value their opinions, plus it helps them feel more connected to the business and its goals.

Learning to enhance and strengthen employee engagement isn't always easy, and it isn't always an intuitive process; it requires training, understanding, skills and practice, as well as a strong toolbox of ideas to foster engagement and keep it going. If you'd like to gain the skills and tools that can help you promote better engagement with your employees – and to reap the benefits that come with greater employee engagement – the Dale Carnegie course, “A Manager’s Guide to Sustainable Employee Engagement,” can provide you with just what you're looking for. In just three, two-hour sessions, our virtual classroom experience can help you gain valuable insight based on “real-world” employee engagement best practices along with action steps you can put into place in your company right away. Visit our site to learn more about this and many other courses that can help you be a more effective manager, employee or business owner.

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